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How a student can register?

A student cannot register in the portal on their own. A student can only be registered by an Institute/Coaching Center/Teacher registered with Study Table.

Does a student have to maintain multiple accounts for multiple Institutes/Coaching Centers/Teachers?

No, a single dashboard can be maintained for multiple Institutes/Coaching Centers/Teachers registered with Study Table.

How can a student get his/her user id and password?

After an Institute/Coaching Center/Teacher associated with Study table registers a student for the first time, an auto generated user id (which is the email id) and password will be sent to the email address of the student. For subsequent registrations by other institutes, the profile can be used with same the same login credentials.

What is a student forgets his/her password?

Upon clicking Forgot Password in the login page and submitting the registered email id, a password reset link will be sent to the registered email id and a new password can be set.

How can a student get to know that an Institute/Coaching Center/Teacher has registered him/her in the portal?

After successful registration by an Institute/Coaching Center/Teacher, an auto generated email will be sent to the email id. Moreover, the student can also access the institute from his profile upon successful registration.

What if a student is not given access to the portal by an Institute/Coaching Center/Teacher registered with Study Table?

The student is asked to contact the concerned Institute/Coaching Center/ Teacher for more details.

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