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A Brief Details of our Services

Study Table is an Online Management Solution platform for Educational Institutions/Coaching Centers/Teachers for the management of all the services. It is the only platform-based management service for Educational Institute having a lot of integrated features which includes Smart Dashboard, Student & Batch Management, Question Bank Management, Online Test Hosting & Analysis, Study Materials sharing & management, Quick reminders and notifications, and many more.

Study Table is enabling access to technology to all Educational Institutes with its affordable and easy-to-use Smart Dashboard cum Digital Assistant with all the connected features - all from a single platform. Ease out your Management and Assessment with Study Table. Study Table is a trademark of D&D Learning LLP


  1. Smart Dashboard with Personalised Branding for Institutes

  2. Student Management

  3. Personalized Question Bank Management

  4. Online Test Scheduling

  5. Online Test Hosting

  6. Instant Test Analysis

  7. Study Materials sharing & management

  8. Quick reminders

  9. Email & SMS notification

  10. Separate Student Dashboard

  11. All platform compatible

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